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Mort d’un prévenu dans l’Etat du Nevada après usage de Tasers

7 Juin 2006

Un homme meurt après usage du Taser par la police au Nevada

Felipe Herrera, 48 ans, est mort dimanche 4 juin 2006 après une confrontation avec trois officiers de police qui ont fait usage de leurs Tasers.

Le médecins légiste n’a pas encore rendu public les causes de la mort du prévenu.

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Nevada Man Dies After Police Use Tasers
June 7, 2006 09:02 PM

The name of the man who died after police officers used tasers on him has been released.

Felipe Herrera, 48, died on Sunday morning after a confrontation with police on Saturday night when three officers ended up using their tasers on him.

The coroner’s office has not yet released the official cause of Herrera’s death.

(June 5) — A Nevada man died after Metro Police used tasers on him Saturday night near W. Desert Inn and Torrey Pines. It is unknown at this time if the tasers played a role in his death.

A Metro police officer says he was attacked by a driver after pulling him over for expired license plates.

The officer used his taser on the man, which the officer says had no effect. So the officer called for back up. When additional officers arrived they also used tasers on the man, which finally subdued him.

After the suspect was handcuffed, police say he stopped breathing. The man was taken to Spring Valley Hospital where he died Sunday morning.

The officers involved are on administrative leave at this time.

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