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Taser : Nouvelle bavure mortelle aux Etats-unis ?

Selon une dépêche de Newsnet5, une personne de 63 ans aurait été tasée par des officiers de police dans l’état de l’Ohio
dans le cadre d’un conflit de voisinage. La personne agée, apparemment cardiaque serait décédée peu après. Une enquête est en cours.

Officials Investigate Ashtabula Co. Man’s Taser Death

Deputies Say Man Was Brandishing Gun During Confrontation

POSTED : 5:14 pm EDT July 3, 2006
UPDATED : 6:04 pm EDT July 3, 2006

LENOX TOWNSHIP, Ohio — An Ashtabula County man’s death remains controversial after a coroner ruled it a homicide.

Now, an internal investigation is under way into the death of Ken Cleveland, who died after police used a Taser gun to subdue him.

The incident happened in Lenox Township, 10 miles south of Ashtabula. Police said Cleveland had a gun and refused to cooperate, NewsChannel5 reported.

Lenox neighbor Linda Stehura said the 63-year-old Cleveland was upset with an ATV driver on his property.

Neighbors said that Cleveland always kept to himself at his home, posting no trespassing signs and setting up motion detectors to monitor his driveway.

Police said Cleveland collapsed and could not be revived after Ashtabula County sheriff’s deputies used a Taser gun on him.

Ashtabula County prosecutor Tom Sartini said the case is under close scrutiny as to whether deputies followed proper protocol when they used the Taser gun. Investigators also want to know if Cleveland brandished a weapon at police.

Sheriff’s deputies were called in by a neighborhood ATV rider who was on Lenox Center Road, who said Cleveland threatened him, bringing a gun with him.

Sartini said the case will likely be investigated by an independent agency. The case will then be given to a grand jury to consider potential charges.

Investigators said Cleveland had a history of heart problems, and that may have played a role in his death.

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