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Taser : RAIDH launches a campaign against its use by French police officers

June 2006

RAIDH, a Paris based Human Rights group is launching a large campaign against the equipment of the Taser X26 of the company Taser international, by police officers in France.

RAIDH expressed its deep concerns to the President of the French Republic, Jacques Chirac, all the French members of Parliament, 2000 journalists and more than 30000 local authorities.

RAIDH published a report on the potential use of the Taser as a weapon of torture and indicated that 167 people were dead after the use of the Taser according to the "Arizona Republic", an Arizona based newspaper.

The report also mentions that Axa, BNP-Parisbas and Crédit agricole, three French companies were stakeholders of Taser international at least mid-Frebruary 2006.

RAIDH expressed its astonishment when Nicolas Sarkozy, minister of the Interior mentionned the name of the American company’s product, the Taser, in September 2005 in front of civil servants in a pubic statement before the State had to select a stun gun company to equip some police officers squads (expected June 19 2006).

An electronic petition is on line at and receives thousands clicks a day since the launch of the campaign early June 2006.

RAIDH - Réseau d’Alerte et d’Intervention pour les Droits de l’Homme

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