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Taser : mort à 27 ans après un électrochoc (Floride)

Selon la chaine de télévision locale, un jeune homme, John Johnson, est mort à l’âge de 27 ans samedi 1er octobre après avoir été tasé dans la ville d’Orange Park en Floride (Etats-Unis). Le jeune homme fut arrêté par la police alors qu’il frappait aux portes d’une ruelle au hasard, visiblement à la recherche de l’appartement de sa belle-mère. Une confrontation eut lieu lorsqu’un policier tenta de le maîtriser. Le policier fit alors usage de son Taser. Le jeune homme mourut 90 minutes plus tard.

La source in extenso :

ORANGE PARK, Fla. — The Clay County medical examiner continued on Monday to try to figure out what caused a suspect to die in custody last weekend.

John Johnson III, 27, died on Saturday shortly after a deputy used a Taser gun on him.

Deputies said Johnson was running through the South Hampton neighborhood of Orange Park at about 3:30 p.m., knocking on random doors.

When Deputy Chris Faircloth caught up with him, there was a confrontation and Johnson struck Faircloth repeatedly in the face before he was shot with a Taser gun, according to authorities.

Johnson died about 90 minutes later at Orange Park Medical Center.

Johnson’s mother, Patsy Johnson, acknowledged to Channel 4’s John Dunlap that her son had several previous run-ins with the law — including arrests for battery, domestic battery, and resisting arrest — but said he was turning his life around.

"They say he’s got a bad past. But, he was a struggling father, and he was deeply scared of the dark," Johnson said.

She also said her son had been taking OxyContin for a back injury.

The medical examiner lists Johnson’s cause of death as undetermined, pending the outcome of toxicology tests.

Police could not speak about the case until the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement finished its investigation, but did say they were not sure why the victim was in the South Hampton neighborhood.

His mother said he was trying to find his mother-in-law’s house.

"I do believe he was trying to find her house, because she lives over there," she said.

The woman said a witness told her that Johnson was shot with the Taser gun as he tried to run away.

Johnson’s family members said they don’t know what led to the death of their loved one, but that they did not believe a Taser gun was needed to subdue him.

"To me it was poor judgment," Johnson’s father said.

The family said it wants answers about the death of their loved one, and has retained a lawyer, seeking a wrongful-death lawsuit in Johnson’s death.

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