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Taser : un policier licencié et un policier suspendu après usage non conforme

Un policier a été licencié et un autre suspendu dix jours pour avoir fait usage d’un Taser sur un prisonnier pour violation des procédures internes.

La victime, James Wolford, fut tasée pour avoir proféré des injures à un juge d’une court municipale de la ville de Lorain, Ohio, aux Etats-Unis. Le détenu était menoté au moment des faits.

Rappelons ici que l’administration pénitentiaire française a récemment initié un appel d’offre pour l’achat de pistolets à électrochocs en France.

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Lorain police officer fired over Taser incident
JENNIFER BRACKEN, Morning Journal Writer

LORAIN — A Lorain police officer was fired and a sergeant received a 10-day suspension for separate violations of departmental rules, according to Lorain Safety-Service Director Michael Kobylka.

Kobylka upheld police Chief Cel Rivera’s recommendations to terminate officer Daniel Bozsoki for wrongfully shooting a prisoner with a Taser stun gun and to suspend Sgt. James Wolford for yelling profanities about a municipal court judge.

Both officers were notified of the discipline yesterday.

Rivera made the recommendations based on the outcomes of two separate internal investigations. His comments were sent to Kobylka on Aug. 31.

’’I thought a lot about Bozsoki’s discipline because terminating someone is not something to be taken lightly,’’ Kobylka said. ’’But even after the Taser incident, every step of the way he tried to hide what happened, and we can’t have that.’’

On May 1, Bozsoki and officer Stanley Marrero arrested Kalian Santiago on a warrant. While Santiago was handcuffed in the back seat of the cruiser, Bozsoki used ’’unnecessary force’’ on him with a Taser, according to a letter from Kobylka to Bozsoki. Bozsoki was interviewed three times before he admitted to using the Taser to ’’check Santiago,’’ according to the recommendation submitted by Rivera.

’’Upon further questioning, Patrolman Bozsoki stated he didn’t know the underlying reason for having shocked the prisoner with his Taser equipment,’’ the letter said.

Marrero received a letter of reprimand for not filling out a ’’use of force’’ form after the incident, according to past reports.

Bozsoki has been on paid administrative leave since Sept. 7. He was officially terminated yesterday.

On May 17, Wolford became upset in Lorain Municipal Court after being told a case in which he was scheduled to be a witness had been continued. He referred to Judge Mark Mihok in a ’’vulgar, indecent and profane manner,’’ according to a letter from Kobylka to Wolford.

’’We can not have our officers question city officials in public like this,’’ Kobylka said.

Wolford was given a 10-day unpaid suspension because the incident was the second time he had committed a similar offense, Kobylka said. In February 2005, he was given a letter of reprimand after referring to a citizen as an ’’idiot’’ over the police radio. In addition, Wolford has been ordered to complete an anger management program.

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