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Taser : une femme enceinte de 5 mois tasée aux Etats-Unis

Selon un journaliste travaillant pour McClatchy Newspapers, une femme de 32 ans enceinte de 5 mois aurait été tasée dans le cadre d’une arrestation il y a un mois dans la ville de Wichita au Kansas. Bien qu’ayant indiqué aux officiers sur le point de l’arrêter qu’elle était enceinte, Tianesha Robinson a été tasée à trois reprises. Elle a fait une fausse couche un mois plus tard après s’être plainte de maux de ventre alors qu’elle était détenue en prison.

Informations in extenso en anglais :

Inmate blames miscarriage on Taser jolts

By Tim Potter

McClatchy Newspapers


WICHITA, Kan. - A pregnant woman stunned by a Taser during her arrest last month went into premature labor Wednesday night at the Sedgwick County Jail. Now her family blames authorities for the baby’s death.

Betty Arnold said Thursday that her 32-year-old niece, Tianesha Robinson, was about five months pregnant and had been experiencing pain and cramping for weeks in jail.

Arnold said she and her niece contend that a combination of the Taser jolts during the Sept. 29 arrest and a lack of care in the jail led to the miscarriage.

Robinson told her aunt that she yelled, "I’m pregnant ! I’m pregnant !" while a Sedgwick County sheriff’s deputy jolted her with a Taser.

The niece said the deputy pressed the device against her back three times while telling her to get on her stomach.

It is not clear whether Robinson was obviously pregnant at the time.

The sheriff’s office is investigating the incident, Undersheriff Bob Hinshaw said.

Sheriff’s officials said a deputy arrested Robinson, but couldn’t confirm who used a Taser on her. Records of the Taser incident couldn’t be obtained Thursday.

Sheriff’s Lt. Larry Bragg said Robinson had been "under constant care with our clinic people" at the jail and had seen a doctor who periodically visits the facility.

On Wednesday night, he said, "once it was brought to our staff’s attention that she was giving birth, we jumped on it." An ambulance took her to a hospital.

"It is sad that it happened, but I believe strongly that we did everything in our power to see that this would not happen," Bragg said.

The sheriff’s office arrested Robinson on suspicion of driving with a suspended driver’s license, no proof of insurance, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. She also had multiple city warrants, and is being held for Riley County authorities. She faces a trial Tuesday in Wichita, her aunt said.

Arnold conceded that her niece is "a troubled person." But, she added, "whatever she’s done, she doesn’t deserve this. The baby didn’t do anything."

She said the family will hold a funeral. Robinson has five children. Arnold said her niece had been having pain and cramping over the past few weeks. "She had been asking for help" and asking to see a doctor, and most of her requests were denied, Arnold said. After she intervened, she said, a jail official assured her that her niece would be treated well.

Bragg said jail officials knew when Robinson arrived that she was pregnant. As with anyone who has been jolted by a Taser during an arrest, she was placed in the jail clinic and observed there for 24 hours, he said.

According to Bragg, she had been to the clinic several times. Sunday, she stayed there because she didn’t feel well. By Monday, he said, she felt better and asked to return to her jail pod.

But by Wednesday, Arnold said, her niece was asking for help because she could feel labor pains.

"My understanding," Bragg said, "and from my knowledge of the clinic, yes, she was getting excellent care."

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